• Air date: 22 Apr '89 26 episodes
      The Hitchhiker is a mystery anthology series that aired from 1983 to 1987 on HBO and First Choice in Canada. The series later moved to the USA Network from 1989 to 1991.
  • List of Episodes (26)
    • 1. The Martyr

      22 Apr '89
      Deirdre manipulates Jacques into killing her wealthy older husband for her after getting his attention by pretending to be blind, but soon realises that things don't work out the way she planned when Jacques will not go away.
    • 2. In Living Color

      29 Apr '89
      After photographer Eric Coleman takes pictures of an elderly woman's suicide, he takes on a new assistant named Madeleine, who may have a deeper connection to the dead woman than he could ever guess.
    • 3. Dark Wishes

      01 Jul '89
      A mentally disturbed nurse concocts an elaborate plan to poison a woman so that she can steal her husband from her.
    • 4. Garter Belt

      07 Jul '89
      A politician finds his life and his career in jeopardy when people start to find out about the dins in his past.
    • 5. Shadow Puppets

      08 Jul '89
      A psychologist with a twisted bent takes the wrong track with a disturbed patient and learns that sometimes it's dangerous to play games.
    • 6. Renaissance

      14 Jul '89
      When the Paris underworld finds their livelihoods threatened by a developer's plans, they take action of their own to stop it.
    • 7. The Miracle of Alice Ames

      15 Jul '89
      A bogus preacher who has been making a living out of fake miracles finds his livelihood threatened when a real miracle takes place.
    • 8. 3615 Code-Liz

      21 Jul '89
    • 9. Her Finest Hour

      22 Jul '89
      Cheryl and Bruno are con artists who believe the world owes them something. When they face homelessness because the building they live in is about to be torn down, they find a new mark, Emilie Langlois, an old woman with a failing memory. Their goal is to take over Mrs. Langlois' home, but they soon realise that some memories are best left forgotten.
    • 10. Together Forever

      28 Jul '89
    • 11. Phantom Zone

      04 Aug '89
    • 12. Spinning Wheel

      05 Aug '89
    • 13. Square Deal

      11 Aug '89
    • 14. Part of Me

      12 Aug '89
    • 15. Fashion Exchange

      18 Aug '89
    • 16. Hootch

      16 Sep '89
    • 17. Coach

      30 Sep '89
    • 18. The Verdict

      04 Nov '89
      If Jennifer can convict Manuel Ortega in the drive-by shooting deaths of five people, she will have thirty-six convictions in a row. Unfortunately, there is little to no evidence against Manuel, and Jennifer is willing to do anything necessary, even break the law, to put him behind bars.
    • 19. Hit & Run

      10 Nov '89
    • 20. Studio 3X

      11 Nov '89
      When a television journalist's private fantasies start appearing in pornographic videos, there is a fine line between fantasy and reality.
    • 21. Striptease

      17 Nov '89
      Two loners encounter each other and each believes they have found their soulmate.
    • 22. Cruelest Cut

      18 Nov '89
      Men in the city are being knifed by a prostitute who wears all black. Sterling Jenkins is a hard-hearted prostitute who, despite herself, is intrigued when an attractive man named Jason asks for help in fixing his car. Although she tries to rebuff the sensitive man, Sterling allows herself to believe Jason when he tells her that he's fallen for her. It is only afterward that she realises appearances can be deceiving.
    • 23. Dying Generation

      24 Nov '89
      After the suicide of their friend Katie, Adam Ross and Stephanie Duvall are faced with their own mortality. They learn from a friend, Brian, that he believes Katie was murdered, and that it had something to do with a fortune teller she had gone to see. Adam and Stephanie visit the same fortune teller, a woman who has let herself become so bitter she taints the life of everyone she comes in contact with.
    • 24. My Enemy

      25 Nov '89
      Hollywood actress Jane Ambergris is so desperate to escape what her life has become she creates a new identity for herself, but it isn't long before she finds out that the person she tries to become is far worse than the person she is leaving behind.
    • 25. Power Play

      09 Dec '89
      A producer's assistant meets his match when he agrees to housesit for his boss and falls for the sexy young woman who is supposed to be helping him out.