• Air date: 17 Aug '19 39 episodes
      Casualty, stylised as CASUAL+Y, is a British medical drama television series that airs weekly on BBC One, and the longest-running emergency medical drama television series in the world. Created by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin, it was first broadcast on 6 September 1986, and transmitted in the UK on BBC One. The original producer was Geraint Morris. The programme is based around the fictional Holby City Hospital and focuses on the staff and patients of the hospital's Accident and Emergency Department. The show has very few ties to its sister programme Holby City which began as a spin off from Casualty in 1999 and is set in the same hospital, but upstairs. The show's plots and characters occasionally crossover between the two programmes, but this is rare, and each show can easily be followed without having to watch the other. Casualty is shown weekly on a Saturday evening, which has been its time slot since the early 1990s.
  • List of Episodes (39)
    • 1. Episode 1

      17 Aug '19
      Rash returns to the ED and is immediately thrown into dealing with an attack at a market in Holby, while Ethan attends the scene. And David’s son Ollie arrives at the ED out of the blue.
    • 2. Episode 2

      24 Aug '19
      Rash helps a patient through a terrible loss, Ethan is brought a case by a friend from the past, and Duffy struggles with being left home alone while Charlie is at work.
    • 3. Episode 3

      31 Aug '19
      An accident brings David and Ollie closer together, and Duffy learns how overlooked some care home residents can be.
    • 4. Episode 4

      07 Sep '19
      Archie takes justice into her own hands to support a wronged patient, a friend from Iain’s past helps him think about his future, and Rash struggles to cope as pressure mounts.
    • 5. Episode 5

      21 Sep '19
      Rash’s career is threatened when he is blamed for Mason’s mistake. Iain’s confidence is knocked by Jan and Ruby’s surprised reaction when they hear he’ll be going for the HEMS job. Effie gets onto the CF trial thanks to Ethan’s lies.
    • 6. Episode 6

      28 Sep '19
      David and Ollie continue to butt heads, Rash decides to fight to stay in Holby, and a new member joins the paramedic team.
    • 7. Episode 7

      05 Oct '19
      Mason struggles to ask for help in his most difficult week as a junior doctor, David’s bubble is burst when Rosalene starts to fight for custody, and Ethan struggles to convince Effie to go through with the trial.
    • 8. Episode 8

      12 Oct '19
      Ethan struggles to keep his personal life from distracting him at work, while Duffy fights to reclaim her confidence despite some devastating news.
    • 9. Episode 9

      19 Oct '19
      Rash and Mason finally make peace, and Archie is reunited with guilt when the abusive ex-teacher she had taken vengeance on returns to the ED.
    • 10. Episode 10

      26 Oct '19
      Tension rises between Ethan and Rash, while Rosa opens up to David about her past.
    • 11. Episode 11

      02 Nov '19
      Ethan regrets his actions when Effie's trial goes wrong, Jade faces a dilemma, and Danny’s impromptu visit to his childhood home isn't quite the family reunion he hoped for.
    • 12. Episode 12

      16 Nov '19
      During a routine CQC investigation, Robyn is devastated to realise she can’t rely on Duffy. Ethan stifles his feelings and turns his back on Effie, and Rash protects Mason from Dylan.
    • 13. Episode 13

      23 Nov '19
      Ruby tells Jan that she no longer wants to work with Lev after she learns about his shady past. Rosa and David put their fake relationship into action, and the terror attack continues to haunt Ethan.
    • 14. Episode 14

      30 Nov '19
      Rash can’t stand it when Mason saves the day, Charlie is shocked to learn that Duffy can’t look after herself, and Rosa realises her mum has lied to David.
    • 22. Episode 22

      01 Feb '20
      An anxious Charlie searches for Duffy, who is missing in hostile weather conditions. Meanwhile, Lev is unable to accept the severity of Luka's prognosis.
    • 23. Episode 23

      08 Feb '20
    • 24. Episode 24

      15 Feb '20
    • 25. Episode 25

      22 Feb '20
    • 26. Episode 26

      29 Feb '20
    • 27. Episode 27

      07 Mar '20
    • 28. Episode 28

      14 Mar '20
    • 29. Episode 29

      28 Mar '20
    • 30. Episode 30

      04 Apr '20
    • 31. Episode 31

      18 Apr '20
      Rash defies Connie while dealing with a complex case, and Ruby makes a life-changing decision.
    • 32. Episode 32

      25 Apr '20
      Fenisha's happiness comes crashing down, and a familiar face is brought into the ED.