• Air date: 13 Feb '10 8 episodes
      Bed of Roses is an Australian comedy / drama television series which first screened on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from 10 May 2008. It stars Kerry Armstrong and was created by Jutta Goetze and Elizabeth Coleman; produced by Mark Ruse and Stephen Luby.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. The Cockatoo Has Landed

      13 Feb '10
      Louisa and Holly return to Rainbow's End after their holiday in Europe with hopes of making changes after cashing in on her nugget find. But Louisa's spending and lack of attention look like putting a spanner in the works - not to mention the illegal prospecting going on at her home. Wendy announces that the Rainbow Echo newspaper is closing which riles Minna and leads her into another protest and convinces Louisa to buy it but Gavin outbids her. Meanwhile, Holly and Sean go on a successful
    • 2. Rainbow Warriors

      20 Feb '10
      Louisa finds out that Nick is quite the ladies man and cannot figure out why they don't have any chemistry at all. Holly gets involved in a protest that rapidly gets out of hand when Minna finds out local factory Dairy Fleet is polluting the local waterways and The Department of Sustainability and the Environment are refusing to believe that there is a problem. Louisa begs Gavin for a job as editor at the Rainbow Echo but he will only give her a job as advertising sales and up the advertising
    • 3. The Front Page

      27 Feb '10
      Louisa's first foray as acting editor of the Rainbow Echo is fraught with problems with Tim continuously bumping her editorial and Gavin inserting ads over her feature piece. Meanwhile, Sean avoids Holly and Marg's date with Gavin is not a success. Elsewhere, Rita helps Tsung Chi find out about his ancestor's disappearance.
    • 4. Gaa-aarth

      06 Mar '10
      Louisa, Gemma and Marg try to save Deb and Trev's marriage as Gemma discovers that perhaps her marriage is also suffering. Minna finds herself helpless to stop the Heritage Committee from falling apart as they are bullied by a farmer named Owen into selling their land but Holly steps in to save the day and turn the land into a community garden. Marg and Gavin's divorce comes through and Nick learns Holly how to drive as both he and Louisa avoid each other.
    • 5. Goddess of the Rainbow

      13 Mar '10
      Nick's disappointment begins to show as Louisa and Tim's relationship continues to grow. Meanwhile, Pat and Gemma's relationship is under threat because of Pat's intimacy issues and it seems everyone in Rainbows End is aware of it.
    • 6. Green vs Gold

      20 Mar '10
      Former editor of the Rainbow Echo Wendy Watt arrives back in town as spokesperson for Chimera Gold - an underhand mining company who specialize at buying up properties near mines around remote areas of Australia and exploiting them. So when Louisa, Minna and Holly find out that their target area is the new community garden all gloves are off and they set off to expose the company before they can wreck anymore damage. Meanwhile, Sandy's Alzheimer's begins to worsen, Nick finds out that Louisa's
    • 7. Two Bulls in the Paddock

      27 Mar '10
      Holly tries to save the Community Garden from the clutches of Chimaera Gold and its mining exploits by pretending that she seen the extinct Golden Speckled Leaping Legless Lizard thus preventing the company going ahead with the mining. Louisa prints the story but after wards Holly tells her it was a hoax and Louisa has to decide if she will reveal all in a retraction or keep quite. Elsewhere, Nick and Tim vie for Louisa's affection but their rivalry only drives her further away and Chin Trueng
    • 8. Raucous Angel

      03 Apr '10
      Wendy Watt and Chimaera Gold begin to suspect that Holly's discovery of the extinct Golden Speckled Leaping Legless Lizard is a fabrication. But after Holly is intimidated by Wendy's henchmen Nick pays her a visit and tells her to call off her witch-hunt or he will take it further. Unfortunately, Chimaera Gold are allowed to begin mining and the Community Garden are given 21 days to vacate. Meanwhile, Tim and Gavin break the news to the Louisa and Vivien that they're selling the newspaper to