• Air date: 04 Dec '10 12 episodes
      Bed of Roses is an Australian comedy / drama television series which first screened on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from 10 May 2008. It stars Kerry Armstrong and was created by Jutta Goetze and Elizabeth Coleman; produced by Mark Ruse and Stephen Luby.
  • List of Episodes (12)
    • 1. 5835 Plus One

      04 Dec '10
      As new co-owner of the Echo Louisa is striving for a first issue with impact but Holly and Minna are both having personal crises and require her support, thankfully Nick is there to anchor Louisa through the chaos of it all.
    • 2. Mind the Gap

      11 Dec '10
      Louisa is derailed when she loses her engagment ring, finds Holly is considering a gap year and Minna is planning to drive again, then on top of it all she uncovers a damaging story about Sean's Father and is forced to grapple with her duty to report the truth or to protect Sean and his Dad.
    • 3. Womb to Tomb

      18 Dec '10
      When Louisa helps a local woman whose husband has left her she learns the extent of the childcare crisis and gets some firsthand experience at caring for a baby with Nick, meanwhile the new priest in town is bothering Minna and seems determined to support her in her grief.
    • 4. Laid Bare

      01 Jan '11
      Minna wants to take up ballroom dancing again, but her plans are derailed by a burglar in her home. Meanwhile, Nick unwittingly forces Louise to confront her fear of marriage by insisting they replace her old bed.
    • 5. Cat Fight

      08 Jan '11
      Rainbow's End is divided over the Domestic Cat Regulations. Louisa finds that her two closest friends, Deb and Marg, fall on opposite sides of the argument. Marg's suggestion of pre-marriage counselling leads Louisa to a secret that Nick has been keeping.
    • 6. Fryberg's Folly

      15 Jan '11
      Minna is thrown off-kilter when her long-estranged sister, Frida, returns to Rainbow's End. Frida has come to launch the second edition of her novel, The Orchid, a work based on her experiences of growing up in Rainbow's End.
    • 7. Insurgent Activity

      22 Jan '11
      The Army come to Rainbow's End to perform a training exercise and Nick is recognised from his time spent in Queensland. Louisa is shocked to learn Nick was once a tent-boxer and has been hiding an incident from his past.
    • 8. Every Time We Say Goodbye

      29 Jan '11
      Louisa is thrown in the deep end when Vivien unexpectedly leaves her to manage the annual Heritage Society fundraising concert. It comes at a time when Louisa is endeavouring to get her relationship with Nick back on track.
    • 9. Dirt Rich

      05 Feb '11
      Louisa and Nick are finally ready to take the plunge — a wedding date is set. However, as their marriage is in the making, another is coming to an end. Unbeknownst to Deb her husband, Trev, has been living a double life. He has another partner and a newborn baby and wants a divorce and his share of the farm.
    • 10. Heartache

      12 Feb '11
      Louisa wants to deliver a great community newspaper but Vivien's absence is making this a challenge so Rita is hired to fill in.
    • 11. Mount Misery

      19 Feb '11
      Louisa wants her wedding to be special and has been searching for something meaningful to wear. In a surprising gesture Minna offers to buy Louisa a dress and so along with Holly, the women embark on a shopping expedition to Melbourne. But the weekend goes horribly awry when they breakdown in the bush and become stranded without mobile coverage.
    • 12. Forged By Fire

      26 Feb '11
      Louisa wants for nothing more than to be married to Nick but things are not going according to plan. With adverse weather conditions and fire warnings, Rainbows End is instructed to enact their fire plans. Nick is called to duty with the CFA to fight the fires and the wedding is postponed.