Wogan : Season 6

    • Air date: 03 Jan '86 153 episodes
  • List of Episodes (153)

    1. Series 6, Show 1

    • How long is the Christmas holiday going on for? Sated with food, fed up with old movies on the box, struggling with the hangover from New Year's Eve and Hogmanay? Then you'll know how Terry feels.

    2. Series 6, Show 2

    • Guest host Ronnie Corbett. Terry leaves the show in the more than capable and perfectly proportioned hands of the smaller Ronnie while he goes on holiday.

    3. Series 6, Show 3

    • Ronnie Corbett promises tall guests, small guests, tall stories and big names, with no jokes about absent Irishmen or people's height.

    4. Series 6, Show 4

    • Ronnie Corbett packs his bags and prepares to join his other half tomorrow night. But not before he's packed bags full of entertainment into tonight s live show.

    5. Series 6, Show 5

    • At last, the good life invades the once verdant pastures of Shepherd's Bush Green as Felicity Kendal tries on Terry's wellies for the first of three titanic struggles with the elements.

    6. Series 6, Show 6

    • Felicity Kendal didn't realise that watering the plants in Terry's dressing-room could take most of the day.

    7. Series 6, Show 7

    • Part three of a short series of unpredictable dramas in which our Terryfied heroine (Felicity Kendal) promises a cliff-hanger ending. Tonight's performer: Denise Pearson (as Five Star).

    8. Series 6, Show 8

    • Bronzed and fit after two weeks' absence far, far away from Shepherd's Bush, Terry returns to amaze and delight you.

    9. Series 6, Show 9

    10. Series 6, Show 10

    11. Series 6, Show 11

    12. Series 6, Show 12

    13. Series 6, Show 13

    14. Series 6, Show 14

    • Welcome to the first frolic of February live from the TV Theatre.

    15. Series 6, Show 15

    • Terry's febrile fancies feature fantastically tonight.

    16. Series 6, Show 16

    17. Series 6, Show 17

    • Terry's little palace of varieties has acquired a more verdant backdrop as Hammersmith Council pursue a policy of greening Shepherd's Bush and expanding its attractions to a wider public: not only acres of newly-planted shrubs but W12's answer to Rotten Row - for cyclists to navigate the green and avoid the police cars and fire engines racing past the Television Theatre. Guests tonight: Sue Cook, Clement Freud, Joanna Lumley, Eli Wallach.

    18. Series 6, Show 18

    19. Series 6, Show 19

    • Outside the Television Theatre, the audience files impatiently past the red-biddy drinkers lying in the gutter, as the gardeners toil to improve the outlook on to Shepherd's Bush Green. If only the sinking sun could reveal the delicately-staked cuttings, the ivy and the evergreen shrubs added to the landscape... but inside the theatre Terry tills another furrow.

    20. Series 6, Show 20

    • Terry invites you to the Terryvision Theatre, nestling amid the newly-afforested acres of the Euonymus fortunei and tropical lianas — which strangle the cyclists on their velotrucks.

    21. Series 6, Show 21

    22. Series 6, Show 22

    23. Series 6, Show 23

    • Remember the first programme all those weeks ago? The night Terry fell over? One year on — and they said it would never last more than a month.

    24. Series 6, Show 24

    25. Series 6, Show 25

    • Guests include: Ian Charleson, Angela Fox, Edward Fox, James Fox, Robert Fox