• Air date: 14 Oct '81 195 episodes
      An alien race known as the Oni arrive on Earth to invade the planet. Instead of taking over the planet by force, the Oni give humans a chance to fight for the rights to the planet by taking part in a competition. The computer-selected human player is Ataru Moroboshi, a lecherous, unlucky and stupid high school student from the Japanese city of Tomobiki, and the Oni player is Princess Lum, daughter of the leader of the Invasion force.
  • List of Episodes (195)
    • 1. I'm Lum the Notorious! / It's Raining Oil All Over Town

      14 Oct '81
      1-1. I'm Lum the Notorious! This episode opens with a baseball game and Ataru getting hit with a left field flyball. Ataru is soon escorted home and discovers he's been chosen to fight an invading alien force's champion in a 10-day game of tag. If he loses, the aliens will invade. But if he wins, the aliens will go home. Ataru isn't at all willing to play tag until he sees the alien's champion: the beautiful Lum. 1-2. It's Raining Oil All Over Town This episode opens with Ataru friends Megane
    • 2. Mail from Space - Ten-chan Arrives! / Mrs. Swallow and Mrs. Penguin

      21 Oct '81
      2-1. Mail from Space - Ten-chan Arrives! This is the first episode with Jariten, Lum's cousin. Jariten arrives in a giant peach and he and Ataru are enemies at once. 2-2. Mrs. Swallow and Mrs. Penguin This episode opens with Lum putting on makeup to go meet Darling at school. A swallow swallows some food Jariten gives it and it grows such that it looks like a penguin. It's appearance in school is just the start of a full day of panic.
    • 3. The Coming of Rei the Handsome Shapechanger! / Die Dreamy-Man!

      28 Oct '81
      3-1. The Coming of Rei the Handsome Shapechanger! This show features the first appearance of Rei, Lum's former fiance. This episode opens with Ataru in his room watching a storm, and Lum trying to coax him to bed. Shinobu meets Rei and brings him to Ataru's house. After a lot of arguing, Rei challenges Ataru to a duel for Lum. 3-2.Die Dreamy-Man! Ataru, Megane, and friends are going to a Gyudon restaurant for lunch and are quite shocked to see Rei munching down food like a black hole. During
    • 4. Kintaro of the Autumn Sky / Live Vigorously!

      04 Nov '81
      4-1. Kintaro of the Autumn Sky First episode with Kintaro, the vicious little boy with the pet flying bear and the red haired alien nanny. Lum and Jariten meet Kintaro inside a wind carp, and Kintaro tells them he's was looking for his nanny in the carp. Ataru, Shinobu, Lum, and Jariten try to help Kintaro find his nanny by asking around. 4-2. Live Vigorously! Kintaro's nanny, with Ataru's help takes the alien children on a tour of Earth and a Earth child's school. Ataru tells the myth of the
    • 5. Sakura - Raving Beauty of Mystery / Tormenting Virus

      18 Nov '81
      5-1. Sakura - Raving Beauty of Mystery First appearance of Sakura, The Shinto maiden. Ataru can no longer endure Lum, so he has gone undercover. Unfortunately, at a restaurant, the appearance of Lum, Ataru parents, Shinobu, and Cherry blows his cover; and a mob chases after him. He manages to duck them and bumps into Sakura, who takes him home for exorcising. 5-2. Tormenting Virus Arriving at school one morning, Ataru is greeted by all boys in the school who are waiting for the new nurse,
    • 6. Love Triangle Black Hole / It's a Lovesick Little Demon!

      25 Nov '81
      6-1. Love Triangle Black Hole Ataru is phoning Shinobu in order to make plans for a date, when Lum interrupts and get's Shinobu mad at Ataru. Ataru throws Lum out and spends the rest of the episode trying to contact Shinobu. But Lum is persistent and uses a ray to jam the phone lines. But this ray also has the side affect of making a plane and a helicopter vanish. 6-2. It's a Lovesick Little Demon! Walking home from school, Ataru is assaulted by a group of black cats and gets a nasty bump on
    • 7. Electric Shocks Scare Me! / Voodoo Dolls of Vengeance

      02 Dec '81
      7-1. Electric Shocks Scare Me! Cherry gives Ataru some yellow ribbons which when tied to her horns, negate Lum's powers. In order to coax Lum into wearing them, Ataru has to put on a big charade of really loving her. 7-2. Voodoo Dolls of Vengeance After an odd loss of control of his body after dinner, Ataru finds out Lum has some clay for making voodoo dolls. Ataru takes full advantage of the situation until Lum make a doll of Shinobu, and Ataru tries to get it away from Lum.
    • 8. Neptune is Beyond My Closet / That Crazy Age of the Dinosaurs

      09 Dec '81
      8-1. Neptune is Beyond My Closet First appearance of Oyuki, Lum friend and queen of Neptune. Oyuki also has incredible ice powers. Megane and friends visit while Shinobu is nursing Ataru, who has a cold; and they discover a gate to Neptune in Ataru closet. By accident, they go through this gate and arrive on Neptune to be greeted by Lum and Oyuki. 8-2. That Crazy Age of the Dinosaurs While Ataru is flying an ultra-light, with Lum and Jariten tagging along, Kintaro crashes into him. With the
    • 9. Princess Kurama, Sleeping Beauty / Athletics in Women's Hell!

      16 Dec '81
      9-1. Princess Kurama, Sleeping Beauty First episode with Kurama, the karas-tengu princess. On a field trip, Ataru and friends accidentally meet a karas-tengu who takes Ataru to marry Kurama. Kurama then tries to reform Ataru to be her perfect husband. 9-2 Athletics in Women's Hell! Kurama uses a weird dimensional door to try and cure Ataru of his lechery. Inside the door, Ataru faces hostile versions of the girls he loves.
    • 10. Pitter-Patter Christmas Eve

      23 Dec '81
      10. Pitter-Patter Christmas Eve Megane and Lum's Stormtroopers set up a plot to embarrass Ataru and get Lum to leave him at the same time. They set up a date who will make a fool of Ataru, but Lum finds out and twists things around.
    • 11. Ataru Genji Goes to the Heian Capital

      06 Jan '82
      11. Ataru Genji Goes to the Heian Capital First appearance of Mendo, the rich noble; but it is not until episode 27 that he really does anything. Mendo tells a tale about ancient Japan featuring the normal cast in a slightly different alien invasion story. The aliens this time, all look like a bunch odd barbarians, except for a pretty girl and her young boy cousin.
    • 12. Love Battle Royale / Father, You Were Strong

      13 Jan '82
      12-1. Love Battle Royale First appearance of Tsubame, Sakura's boy friend who has some magic abilities. Sakura invites Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, Megane, Perm, Chibi, and Kakugari to a disco. Things later go haywire as Tsubame starts casting spells and all sorts of weird creatures appear, including Rei. 12-2. Father, You Were Strong Kurama takes Ataru back in time to help her father who appears to be afraid of women. Later Ataru and Kurama's father have to get past a guard on a bridge.
    • 13. Hawaiian Swimsuit Thief / Full Course from Hell

      20 Jan '82
      13-1. Hawaiian Swimsuit Thief Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, Sakura, Megane, Cherry, and others are staying at a beachside resort. During the day, an octopus is stealing peoples swimsuits, but it appears to look like Cherry is doing it. At the end, they find the octopus and beat him up. 13-2 Full Course from Hell Still at the resort, the group meets some maniac who is having an all-you-can-eat contest. Sakura reveals the secret of her figure to be a diet pill called ""Beauty Foods."" But we really know
    • 14. Mendo Brings Trouble! / Constellation is Spinning

      27 Jan '82
      14-1. Mendo Brings Trouble! Mendo returns for a formal introduction on his first day at school. He and Ataru have a duel for presidency of the class which ends in a tie. So they have a duel with cannons, which Ataru wins with help from Lum. 14-2. Constellation is Spinning Lum's computer tells her that Mendo is really the best choice for her lover, so she brings a set of constellation scales to school and weight Ataru versus Mendo in a series of test in the scales. At the end, the scales break
    • 15. The Great Spring War / The Benten Gang's Return Match

      03 Feb '82
      15-1. The Great Spring War First appearance of Benten, Lum's best friend the goddess. Lum takes Ataru to another planet to help in a battle against Benten's family. The battle consists of catching stones in bowls on a giant set of scales. Ataru starts playing with Benten and ends up messing up the entire game. 15-2. The Benten Gang's Return Match Match Benten and her girl biker friends come to Earth for another round of fun. Ataru sides up with Benten again, and Lum recruits Jariten and some
    • 16. Oh, Lonely Teacher! Kuribayashi Sensei Appears / Terrifying Visiting Day

      10 Feb '82
      16-1. Oh, Lonely Teacher! First appearance of Kuribayashi Sensei Ataru and Kuribayashi are enemies from the very start. Then Lum shows up and Kuribayashi falls in love. Finally Lum goes out with Kuribayashi in hopes on lightening his spirits. 16-2. Terrifying Visiting Day On a day when students mothers come to school, Mrs. Mendo and Lum's mother get into a dispute and Mrs. Moroboshi acts as judge by setting up a roulette game.
    • 17. Fourth Dimensional Camera / Demonic Jogging

      24 Feb '82
      17-1. Fourth Dimensional Camera Mendo bring an antique camera to school that sends Ataru off into other worlds. Lum manages to find him through a class room window that had been stuck for years. 17-2. Demonic Jogging Every morning, Ataru goes jogging early to see girls. On the way to school, Ataru breaks the fall of an attempted suicide as he was grabbing for a 100-yen coin below her. Ataru and Mendo get into a dispute over who is more noble and end up playing a game of tennis.
    • 18. Girls' Day! Introducing Ran-chan / Ran-chan's Invitation

      03 Mar '82
      18-1. Girls' Day! Introducing Ran-chan First appearance of Ran, Lum's childhood friend. During a small celebration at the Moroboshi house, a little doll enchants Ataru to follow it to Ran. Ran tries to kiss Ataru to drain his youth, but Lum shows up. 18-2 Ran-chan's Invitation Ran invites Lum, Ataru, and Ten over for cookies and tea, but her real plot is to suck Ataru's youth. Ran makes a double of Ataru and tries switching them, but she gets confused and loses the real Ataru.
    • 19. The Tearful Diary of Tomorrow / Whose Kid Is This?

      10 Mar '82
      19-1. The Tearful Diary of Tomorrow Lum acquire's Ataru's diary that has written in events that will happen throughout the day. Ataru tries to use it to his advantage, but the records in the diary are not quite how they first read; making use of puns or ambiguous statements. 19-2. Whose Kid Is This? Mendo finds an alien child in his locker and goes through great lengths to hide it from everyone. Later after everyone has found out, a whole mob of these alien children arrive, just for Mendo.
    • 20. Sleepy Serene Springtime Classroom / Peach Blossom Poetry Contest

      17 Mar '82
      20-1. Sleepy Serene Springtime Classroom During math class, Kuribayashi and all the students fall asleep, save for Ataru and Mendo. Lum arrives and finds out that a tiny old man and girl are responsible for this magic. The tiny girl then uses some more magic to have a party with Lum, Ataru, and Mendo; until the principal arrives with some parents. 20-2. Peach Blossom Poetry Contest Lum, Mendo, Shinobu, Ran, Ten, Sakura, and Cherry all are in a blossom orchard for some traditional reason.
    • 21. Duel! Ataru vs. Ataru / Wake up to a Nightmare

      24 Mar '82
      21-1. Duel! Ataru vs. Ataru Ataru eats a lollipop Lum gave him and gets a mouth burn. Running off, he finds Cherry and a weird melon, which Ataru eats to cool his mouth. The melon causes Ataru to split into two Ataru's, one polite and the other casual. The two continue to fight all day. 21-2. Wake up to a Nightmare Sleeping in class, Ataru has weird dreams which he relates a little of as he occasionally talks in his sleep. Annoyed, his classmates wake him and a dream demon comes out from
    • 22. Great Space Matchmaking Operation

      07 Apr '82
      Lum returns to her home planet unaware that her father is throwing her a matchmaking party. Ataru (who knows about the party) and Ten follow her.
    • 23. Big Springtime Picnic Uproar!

      14 Apr '82
      On a class field trip, Ataru journeys to an underwater kingdom; and Ataru, Lum, Shinobu and Mendou get lost in a cave (exposing Mendou's legendary fear of the dark).
    • 24. Beware the Earmuffs!

      21 Apr '82
      Ataru and Ten switch bodies after wearing some kind of special earmuffs.
    • 25. Fly Imo-chan!

      28 Apr '82
      Ataru becomes the owner of a white caterpillar that Lum's Stormtroopers gave him as it eats a lot more than ordinary caterpillars.