• Air date: 30 May '24 4 episodes
      A hotel owner and father of four faces a predicament with the arrival of his abandoned son. Will the family dynamics get spicier or sour?
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • 2. Matchmaking

      30 May '24
      Shiva is elated that Chinmayi is unmarried, but she is irked when he questions her. As her parents struggle to stall a matchmaking, the groom is shocked by Chinmayi's confession.
    • Thippu is angry as he becomes a meme material for his acting performance. Subramani gets a notice to vacate the hotel premises. Shiva is excited to learn about the college reunion.
    • 4. Showdown

      30 May '24
      Subbu argues with Sharmila only to realise that she is the new owner. Shiva is irked as Chinmayi evades him. All hell breaks loose as the siblings turn the house into a war ground.