Twenty : Season 1

    • Air date: 28 Aug '17 13 episodes
      In season 1, Maya's going to meet old college friends who want to spice up their sex life, new love interests who might turn out to be the love of her life, an ex-girlfriend who's still occupying her mind, and lot's of awkward blind dates. All while she's serving as the shoulder to lean on for her eclectic friends, who offer little in return and drag her into their own shenanigans.
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. Threesome

    • Maya invites her college friends and couple Victoria and Charles over to her place for an evening full of surprises and misunderstandings.

    2. Dad's New Girlfriend

    • After Maya meets with her childhood friend Tina at the beach, she's invited to eat lunch with her dad and his new girlfriend.

    3. Girls Night Out

    • While Tina isn't in the club they wanted to meet later, and getting in the middle of Charles and Victoria's breakup, Maya meets someone special.

    4. Palmdale

    • After a one night stand with some stranger, Maya has to pick up Tina in the middle of the desert.

    5. The First Date

    • For her first date with Catalina, Maya tries to make a perfect paella and speak to her convincingly in Spanish - which turns out pretty well ...

    6. Plan B

    • While Maya is falling head over heals for Catalina, Tina reveals that she might be pregnant.

    7. Peru

    • After asking her to be her girlfriend, Catalina has to tell something important to Maya.

    8. Love Is Blind

    • Set up by Hazel and Tina, Maya has to go on a series of awkward blind dates.

    9. Liz

    • Maya's ex-girlfriend Liz is back in town on a business trip and ends up having dinner with her, Victoria, and Victoria's new lover.

    10. The Night Owl

    • After Tina invited her to dinner to meet her newly found love of her life, Maya meets writer Sophie outside, who helps her with the parking meter.

    11. The Mongolian Fish

    • As planned, Maya and Sophie meet Tina for the awkward dinner, surprised about the identity of her new lover, the Night Owl.

    12. Ohm My God

    • Maya and Tina attend an awkward yoga class. Later, she meets with Sophie, and her dad calls to tell her some important news.

    13. Vancouver

    • When Sophie asks Maya to move with her to Vancouver, she has to take some time to think about it. Meanwhile, Hazel meets Iris, Victoria and Charles joined a cult, and Tina and Hector are engaged. But neither of that is the biggest surprise for Maya ...