Twenty : Season 2

    • Air date: 07 May '18 13 episodes
      Follows the story of Maya, her girlfriend Catalina, and her group of eclectic friends as they navigate careers, love, and life in their early twenties.
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. The Party: Part 1

    • Tina enlists Maya's help to ask Victoria to be one of her bridesmaid's. Catalina and Maya go to Hazel's birthday party where they run into an unexpected guest.

    2. The Party: Part 2

    • Victoria shows up at Hazel's party with a message for Tina. Catalina and Maya get some unexpected news.

    3. Beards From High School

    • Maya rehearses in anticipation for her show with Valerie. Tina and Maya go to test out hairstyles for the wedding when they run into Rajiv, Maya's beard from high school, who has some shocking news.

    4. Cheesy Fries

    • Maya and Catalina visit Christopher and Carson at their new beach house. Hazel and Iris get into a fight at the fast food drive in.

    5. Valerie

    • Maya talks with Hazel about her breakup with Iris, before going to meet Valerie to prepare for the concert. Maya inherits an unexpected house guest.

    6. Tina's Visit

    • Living with Tina turns out to be more difficult than Maya and Catalina anticipated. The trio run into Victoria and her surprising new love interest on a hike.

    7. Valentine's Day

    • Maya goes to rehearse with Valerie and enlists the help of Tina to pull off her Valentine's Day plans.

    8. Showtime

    • It's showtime for Valerie and Maya. At the concert Catalina surprises Maya with some unexpected information about her past.

    9. The Bachelorette Weekend: Part 1

    • Ever wonder what Tina's bachelorette party might look like?

    10. The Bachelorette Weekend: Part 2

    • Maya, Tina, Liz and Hazel find themselves in a sticky situation with a shady desert rat after getting drinks at a local bar.

    11. The Bachelorette Weekend: Part 3

    • In another bar, several drinks later, Maya meets someone from the past - and the bachelorette weekend is still not over.

    12. The Bachelorette Weekend: Part 4

    • After an unfortunate encounter with a police officer, Maya, Tina, Hazel and Liz end up in jail and can only think of one person to bail them out. Except, Maya doesn't want to call her.

    13. Episode 13