Trailer Park Boys : Season 7

    • Air date: 08 Apr '07 10 episodes
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. I Fuckin' Miss Cory & Trevor

    • The boys try to profit from their latest scam of selling the meat that they have stolen from the grocery store. Meanwhile, Lucy is pregnant and Julian accepts a new job that is beneath him.

    2. I Banged Lucy and Knocked Her Up... No Big Deal

    • J-Roc organizes a gang of thieves who are stealing bags at the airport. We learn more about Lucy's unborn baby.

    3. Three Good Men are Dead

    • The boys help Lahey when his fellow police officers turn against him. Ray makes plans to return to the road.

    4. Friends of the Road

    • Bubbles and the boys get to meet heavy metal singer Sebastian Bach when they travel to Maine to attend a model train convention.

    5. The Mustard Tiger

    • The boys use Bubble's love for model trains when they make a plan to smuggle marijuana across the border into Maine. They send a team consisting of Jacob and his "crew" to scout the location, however the scouting team goes missing.

    6. We Can't Call People Without Wings Angels… So We Call Them Friends

    • On a mission to find Jacob and his crew, the boys leave the relative safety of the trailer park for a dangerous adventure in the woods on the Maine border.

    7. Jump the Cheeseburger

    • Randy and Phil Collins go into business together, opening a restaurant called "The Dirty Burger". Meanwhile, Barb Lahey finally finds out who is her secret admirer.

    8. Let The Liquor Do The Thinking

    • Randy and Lahey devise a scheme to make some fast cash. To fool the police, Bubbles uses a disguise.

    9. Going Off the Rails on the Swayzie Train

    • The boys go ahead with their plan to smuggle marijuana across the border using a model train. What could possibly go wrong?

    10. The Shit River Runs Through It

    • When the boys find themselves in trouble with the authorities it is up to Ricky to bargain for a deal. But, someone has to go to jail. Who will take the fall?