Trailer Park Boys : Season 10

    • Air date: 28 Mar '16 10 episodes
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Freedom 45?

    • While Julian celebrates the bar's success and Ricky and Lucy try for a baby, a familiar face returns from jail to shake things up at the park.

    2. You Want Lot Fees, Suck Them Out of the Tip of My Cock

    • Desperate for quick cash to fight the court case, the boys try to collect outstanding lot fees at the park and consider a return to petty crime.

    3. A Three Tired Shit Dyke

    • As Barb and her sidekicks try to strong-arm Lahey and Randy into testifying for her in court, the boys set out to case a fancy neighborhood.

    4. Shit Covered Cave Teeth

    • After handing over Trinity's wedding money, Ricky swears off crime, but Julian tries to talk him into one last job at the Denture King offices.

    5. If You Don't Beleive It, It's Not Real

    • When a truck heist goes awry, the boys turn to Sam the Denture King for help. But a fight at his office quickly spirals out of control.

    6. All the Fucking Dope You Can Smoke!

    • When Julian turns his bar into an all-inclusive casino, the ad made by Bubbles and Ricky stirs up trouble and gets a celebrity's attention.

    7. Up In Smoke We Go

    • A visit from Snoop Dogg and friends sets the trailer park abuzz, and Sunnyvale fan Tom Arnold fulfills a bucket-list dream with Bubbles.

    8. The Super Bling Cowboy

    • Bubbles battles a bad case of nerves at his open mic gig, and Lucy weighs a startling offer from Tom Arnold.

    9. Thugged Out Gangsta Shit

    • Tom sets out on an adventure with Lucy, while Snoop tries Ricky's new concoction and Lahey plots a diabolical mission.

    10. Looks Like the Liquor Wins

    • Still shaken up, the gang gets ready for Trinity and Jacob's wedding. Meanwhile, Barb struggles with a big decision about the park.