• Air date: 10 Sep '23 6 episodes
      A year on from the events of series one, we meet Helen and Dale, now established as ‘The Golden Couple of News’. To the outside world, they present a glowing image of success and romance... but the truth is more complex. As 1987 rolls along, global stocks will soar and crash, Australia will prepare to celebrate its Bicentennial year, and Helen and Dale grapple with who they really want to be in life - and whether that path can be together...
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Decision 87

      10 Sep '23
      It's one year on and Helen and Dale are now established as 'The Golden Couple of News'. It's Election Night 1987 - Hawke vs Howard. Competitor Geoff Walters is also making a well-publicised comeback on a rival network.
    • 2. People Like You and Me

      17 Sep '23
      The country is rocked by a shock mass shooting in the heart of Melbourne. When Helen races to air with confronting footage of the aftermath, she is seen as exploiting the tragedy, and public sentiment shifts against her.
    • 3. Greed and Fear

      24 Sep '23
    • 4. The Hungry Truth

      01 Oct '23
    • 5. A Model Daughter

      08 Oct '23
    • 6. Fireworks

      15 Oct '23