The Dangers of Online Dating : Season 2

    • Air date: 01 Sep '17 5 episodes
  • List of Episodes (5)

    1. (Just) Fluid

    • PAULA thinks she knows everything there is to know about sex - until her youth group schools her on the spectrums of contemporary dating. Still single (and sexless), PAULA is inspired to wade into uncharted waters.

    2. Lez Try!

    • Paula learns she's got some catching up to do in the lady-dating department. Never one to back down, Paula really puts herself out there.

    3. Fungi to Be With

    • PAULA is faced with an infection that has spread from her work life to her love life. Can rugged outdoorsman Forrest convince her to blaze new trails?

    4. Ice Cream Tous les Jours

    • A rendezvous with sexy but sexually careless Frenchman leaves PAULA feeling lost in translation. At first the language barrier was thrilling, but boundaries blur when he doesn't understand the kind of test Paula wants him to take.

    5. I Just Had Text

    • The season two finale kicks off when PAULA finally gets laid. Paula jumps in with both feet (and both thumbs) but flounders until a new opportunity (or two) presents itself.