The Dangers of Online Dating : Season 1

    • Air date: 09 Jan '17 4 episodes
  • List of Episodes (4)

    1. Sexy Yoga Man

    • PAULA'S desperation leads her to act on her fantasies about a Tattooed Superman in real life. When it doesn't go as planned, friends ALEXANDRE and MOLLY try and persuade Paula to take dating digital.

    2. Welcome, to Online Dating

    • PAULA asks her roommate MOLLY to chaperone her first online date and quickly learns that witty online banter doesn't always mean IRL connection when he seems more interested in someone (and something) else.

    3. Motorcycle_Guy

    • When PAULA relies on ALEXANDRE and MOLLY to vet her next online date, she's in for a big surprise. When it comes to online dating, objects pictured may not be the actual size.

    4. Date, Pray, Eat

    • PAULA's finally met the guy that's perfect for casual dating: sexy, smart, trustworthy (has a job), but ROGERDODGER_82 has a few extra qualities she didn't bargain for.