• Air date: 01 Apr '62 28 episodes
      The Beary Family (also known as The Beary's Family Album) is an American animated series and funny animal theatrical cartoon series made by Walter Lantz Studios. Twenty eight shorts were made from 1962 to 1972, when the studio closed.
  • List of Episodes (28)
    • 1. Fowled-Up Birthday

      01 Apr '62
      Charlie buys a goose for dinner, but it becomes the family pet.
    • 2. Mother's Little Helper

      01 Jun '62
      Bessie Beary complains she is tired of always having to do the housework. Charlie offers to take care of things while she goes to the beauty parlor.
    • 3. Charlie's Mother-In-Law

      01 Apr '63
      Bessie's mother comes to a visit at Beary House and immediately began to give orders to Charlie.
    • 4. Goose In The Rough

      01 Aug '63
      It's spring! All the birds are nesting- that is, all but Goose Beary. She just sits, gazing longingly out the window at happy birds. Charlie leaves his hatful of golf balls on a chair as he gets his clubs. Goose finds them and happily sits on them, mistaking them for goose eggs.
    • 5. Goose Is Wild

      01 Oct '63
      Charlie Beary, furiously plowing through a mountain of bills, vows that he's going to cut expenses.
    • 6. Rah Rah Ruckus

      01 Jun '64
      Junior and Suzy both become cheerleaders and continually practice at home, driving Charlie out of his mind.
    • 7. Roof Top Razzle-Dazzle

      01 Oct '64
      Not wanting to spend the money to hire a professional TV repairman to set up the TV antenna, Charlie Beary tries to set up the antenna himself. But his efforts are none too successful.
    • 8. Guest Who?

      01 Mar '65
      Junior wins a dance contest at the Pepper Pot nightclub. His prize is a live monkey, which he names Bunky. On the way home, Junior warns Bunky to be quiet, and not to disturb his sleep. He hides his new friend in a closet, but Bunky escapes and promptly goes ape.
    • 9. Davey Cricket

      01 May '65
      Charlie Beary tries to relax but is unaware of a cricket loose in the house. He hears a squeak coming from Bessie's vacuum cleaner, Suzy's doll, and Junior's saxophone.
    • 10. Foot Brawl

      01 Jan '66
      Charlie Beary, rummaging through a trunk in the attic, reminisces about his college football days. Chided by his wife for being "just the waterboy," Charlie's determined to prove his athletic prowess by coaching Junior in the finer points of gridiron play. (Air date is estimated)
    • 11. Window Pains

      01 Jan '67
      Charlie decides not to pay a professional to wash his windows, convinced he can do things just fine by himself. (Air date is estimated)
    • 12. Mouse In The House

      01 Jan '67
      The domestic tranquility of the Beary household is shattered by a screaming Bessie when a mouse starts playing around on her slippers. When an exterminator quotes a price of $25 to dispose of it, Charlie balks and take on the job himself. (Air date is estimated)
    • 13. Jerky Turkey

      01 Jan '68
      Charlie Beary buys a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Junior doesn't want the turkey cooked for the holiday meal, so he tries to prevent his parents from killing the bird. (Air date is estimated)
    • 14. Paste Makes Waste

      01 Jan '68
      Charlie, all set for a day's golf game, is horrified to discover it is pouring rain outside. Bessie suggests that since he can't play golf, he can help wallpaper the house instead. (Air date is estimated)
    • 15. Bugged In A Rug

      01 Jan '68
      Charlie trips on a hole in his carpet and decides the family needs a new one. He buys one but decides to install it himself (rather than hiring a professional). (Air date is estimated)
    • 16. Gopher Broke

      01 Jan '69
      Charlie Beary tries to chase a gopher from his yard. (Air date is estimated)
    • 17. Charlie's Campout

      01 Jan '69
      Charlie buys a camping trailer from a friend and he and Junior surprise Bessie with it. (Air date is estimated)
    • 18. Cool It, Charlie

      01 Jan '69
      When the temperature reaches 110 degrees, Bessie decides to buy an air conditioner. After being threatened with a rolling pin, Charlie agrees, but decides to install it himself to save money. (Air date is estimated)
    • 19. Charlie In Hot Water

      01 Jan '70
      Not wanting to pay the professional, Charlie decides to fix the hot water tank himself. However, he ended up making the tank worse. (Air date is estimated)
    • 20. Charlie's Golf Classic

      01 Jan '70
      In order to save money on golf lessons, Charlie Beary tries to teach his wife Bessie how to play the game. But his teaching methods are useless and the lessons are turned into a hilarious disaster. (Air date is estimated)
    • 21. The Unhandy Man

      01 Jan '70
      On a rainy afternoon, exasperated Bessie is fed up with getting soaked opening and closing the garage door, and tells Charlie to buy her an automatic door opener. However, Charlie insists on making one himself and does just that. (Air date is estimated)
    • 22. Charlie The Rainmaker

      01 Jan '71
      While Charlie was watering his lawn, Bessie tells him she ordered a sprinkler. Not wanting to spend money on installing, Charlie decides to install it himself. (Air date is estimated)
    • 23. The Bungling Builder

      01 Jan '71
      Bessie wants to hire a builder to make a sewing room, but Charlie and Junior decide to build it themselves. This, of course, is a mistake. (Air date is estimated)
    • 24. Moochin' Pooch

      01 Jan '71
      Charlie agrees to babysit his boss's dog while he's out of town. The dog wreaks havoc over his house, and the situation gets even worse when his boss calls and says that he'll be gone for a month. (Air date is estimated)
    • 25. Let Charlie Do It

      01 Jan '72
      The kitchen sink is clogged, and Bessie insists that Charlie call a plumber to fix it. However, Charlie refuses to hire a plumber and proceeds to unclog the sink with the help of Junior. (Air date is estimated)