Teen Mom 2 : Season 9

    • Air date: 07 May '18 11 episodes
  • List of Episodes (11)

    1. Not to stir the pot but....

    • Jo faces Kailyn Briana reveals surprising news about her and Javi to Leah, which Leah then shares with Kailyn. Jenelle risks losing custody of Kaiser when Nathan’s mom makes shocking allegations. Adam is arrested again, forcing Chelsea to rethink visitation.

    2. Episode 2

    • All the women travel to Los Angeles to film the reunion and specials, and Leah feels caught in the middle as tensions between Kailyn and Briana run high.

    3. Drama's for Nerds, Part 2

    • Kailyn continues arguing with Briana and Brittany, and Jenelle and David walk away during the reunion taping but later return to face off with Nathan, Doris and Barb.

    4. The Hangover

    • Jenelle gets a troubling call from Jace and decides to dial 911 on Barbara. Javi visits Briana in Orlando as their relationship heats up. Leah takes the girls trick-or-treating together. Chelsea is off birth control and ready for another baby

    5. Bitter Baby Mama

    • Kailyn and Javi throw separate birthday parties for Lincoln, Chelsea heads to court with her ex, Leah takes Gracie to therapy, and Nathan's text to Jenelle angers David.

    6. Unicorn Poop

    • Leah gets a surprising call from Jeremy during the twins' birthday. Briana returns to work and Luis makes an appearance. Kail goes to court with Lux's dad. Jenelle takes a birthday vacation with all her children. Chelsea faces off with Adam.

    8. Access Issues

    • Chelsea shares majors news. Briana finds out about Javi's big plans. Kail has to go to court mediation because Jo is going for 50/50 custody of Isaac. Leah tries to rehome some unexpected guests. Jenelle and David get a visit from the sheriff's office.

    9. Thirsty

    • Briana and Javi make major decisions about their relationship, and Leah grows concerned as Ali's health issues become more obvious at school.

    10. Forgot About Dre

    11. Trouble in paradise

    25. Quicksand

    • Javi gets some work news that puts pressure on his relationships with both Briana and Kailyn. Leah reveals a secret about her and Jeremy. Chelsea and Cole confront Adam's parents for the first time since court.