• Air date: 19 Sep '09 52 episodes
      Spliced is a Canadian animated television series produced by Teletoon and Nelvana. The series made its world premiere on Jetix in Latin America on April 20, 2009. The series currently airs in Canada on Teletoon, in the United States on qubo, in Australia on ABC3, in the United Kingdom on Nicktoons, in Latin America on Disney XD, and in Sweden on Nickelodeon. The series began airing in the United States on qubo on September 19, 2009 until the network dropped it from its lineup on October 24, 2009 but returned on September 28, 2010 as part of its "Night Owl" block.
  • List of Episodes (52)
    • 1. Bowled Over

      19 Sep '09
      Bowled Over - Peri wants to know what he's good at. After running from Two-Legs Joe, Peri and Entrèe find a secret room for bowling, Peri realizes that he was born to bowl. However, in trying to prove his bowling ball can be used for other activities, Peri is frustrated by the results and throws the ball into the volcano. After this, an alien civilization, the Pinnians decide to take over the island and treat the mutants like slaves. By realising these aliens have a kinship with bowling, Peri
    • 2. Stuck Together

      20 Sep '09
      In search of fun in the lab, Peri and Entrèe find one of the doctor's journals, which supposedly tells what the purpose of Peri is. The friends go to visit Mister Smarty Smarts hoping he can read Peri's purpose to them, but it turns out he can't read. He lies and says Peri was created to be the best friend of Entrèe.
    • 3. No Play For Princess

      03 Oct '09
      Peri and Entrèe are looking for someone to join them in a game of Bucket-Stick-Fruit-Ball, but nobody wants to play. The terrifying Princess Pony Ape Hands is the only one who wants to play. However, she plays too rough so Peri and Entrèe quickly try to ditch her. Princess throws a major temper tantrum and decides to smash the old nuclear reactor.
    • 4. Cleaning Up

      10 Oct '09
      When Peri finds out he has small cratures living in his fur, he wants to keep them so they can have a little society there, but when he begins to stink, everybody wants to clean him.
    • 5. Outsmartered

      17 Oct '09
      Mister Smarty Smarts, tired of the incompetence and ineptitude of the inhabitants of the island, creates a device to make everyone smarter. His utopia is soon ruined when everyone's intelligence goes way past his. After being treated like an idiot, Smarts decides to make everyone unintelligent again.
    • 6. Gordon

      24 Oct '09
      After escaping Princess Pony's tickle attack, Peri and Entrèe find an old golf cart. Entrèe repairs the vehicle, replacing the engine with the brain of an evil robot. After naming it Gordon, Peri and Entrèe travel around the island with their new car. After a few days of driving, Peri and Entrèe don't want to drive again for a while. After they abandon Gordon in the jungle, he decides to cause trouble.
    • 7. Fairy Odd Princesses

      31 Oct '09
      After Peri and Entrèe accidentally shoot themselves into the sky with one of Fuzzy's transportations, Entrèe uses his chicken wings to stop him and Peri falling to their death. However, he crashes through a building and loses control. After they crash through a makeup store, a clothesline and a wig shop (completely changing their appearance) they land in the tree house of Princess Pony, who believes they are magical fairies. After learning she'll give them everything they ask for in return for
    • 8. Brothers in Farms

      07 Nov '09
      Peri and Entrèe find a mustachioed Entrèe-like being frozen in a block of ice. The two friends thaw him out and learn that his name is Apéritif. Apéritif introduces himself to Entrèe's "delicious" friends, who all admire him more than Entrèe.
    • 9. Roots

      14 Nov '09
      Entrèe is tired of walking, working and moving of any kind and wishes he could just be lazy for the rest of his life. While walking through the jungle he meets Slouch Potato a lazy mutant who teaches Entrèe how to get a chump to do everything for him. After annoying Peri with his laziness, Entrèe is left lying in the middle of town where he starts to grow roots that stick him to the ground.
    • 10. Two Arms Joe

      21 Nov '09
      Peri and Entrèe want to thank Joe for everything he's done for them and the island. After asking Compuhorse what they could do to make him happy, they decide to give him Peri's arms for a day. Joe is pleased but grows too fond of Peri's arms and doesn't want to give them back.
    • 11. Honorary Freak

      28 Nov '09
      Peri and Entrèe want to know why Patricia is so upset and become "The Smile Squad", trying to cheer her up in outlandish and fruitless ways. When that fails and they make her even more upset, they decide to use a brainscan machine to look into her mind and see what she's thinking. They find out that Patricia feels lonely because she's the only none-mutant on the island. After some thinking, Peri comes up with the perfect plan to make her feel like one of them.
    • 12. Come to the Dork Side

      05 Dec '09
      Mister Smarty Smarts decides to use the power of Peri and Entrèe to take control of the island.
    • 13. Best Before Date

      At the supermarket, Entrèe has a barcode on his butt scanned, and finds out that he is two days away from his "best before date", after which he will supposedly turn to mush. After a day of trying desperately to "turn back the clock", Entrèe switches places with Peri, pretending that Peri is Entrèe, with only a day to live. Peri, buying the deception, decides to destroy all of "his" stuff, and tells his friends what he really thinks of them, as read in "his" diary. When the time finally comes
    • 14. Stompabout

      When Peri and Entrèe accidentally cause a Whirrel to destroy half the town, Joe loses his temper, demolishing the other half. The other mutants tell Joe that he needs to control his temper. Joe, hurt, leaves, declaring Peri and Entrèe the new mayors. In solitude, Joe hears from the bird on his back, Lord Wingus Eternum, who teaches him how to control his anger.
    • 15. Amazon

      Patricia goes on vacation, reluctantly leaving Peri and Entrèe as housesitters. Peri and Entrèe end up turning the house into an indoor jungle, and when Patricia gets back, she is captured by her pet Molesters, who have turned into a savage tribe by their new environment. Peri and Entrèe mount a rescue attempt, but discover that the Molesters have actually made Patricia their queen.
    • 16. Juice

      Entrèe becomes obsessed with getting everyone to like him. An accident with a pair of very tight jeans makes him realise that the milk from his top-right udder, "Nugget", is very tasty. Everyone loves the "Nugget" milk, and Entrèe soon becomes incredibly popular, to the point where he shuns Peri. However, everyone else then becomes addicted to the milk, and when "Nugget" runs dry, they chase after Entrèe.
    • 17. Stupid Means Never Having To Say I'm Sorry

      Entrèe's lucky stone goes missing and Peri is determined to find out who took it.
    • 18. Cube Whacked

      Compuhorse is boring. At least, that's what Peri and Entrèe think, until they discover his built-in videogame, Cubewhacker.
    • 19. Fuzzy's Great Journey

      Peri and the others try to cheer Fuzzy up by making the island look like the long sought goal in Fuzzy's jungle journeys.
    • 20. Octocataclysm

      While Mister Smarty Smarts ponders where he went wrong after another plan ended in defeat, Octocat looks to carry out a plan of her own.
    • 21. Promises, Promises

      Entrèe makes promises to all his friends to get anything he wants but has no intention to keep the promises he makes. He soon makes one promise he regrets.
    • 22. There Will Be Stomp

      After a particulary exhausting day of stomping, Joe wakes up to find out that he can no longer stomp. Peri and Entrèe decide to help Joe find his stomp again, by bringing him to his "happy place". Meanwhile, Smarty Smarts capitalises on Joe's lack of stomping by using his "Cyber-Stomper" machine to terrorise the village.
    • 23. Taste of Friendship

      Peri gains super powers after licking a glowing rock in the lab and Entrèe grows very jealous of him as a result.
    • 24. Sugar Low

      Peri starts to move very fast from eating the sugar products received from doing favors for everybody. However, he soon realizes his speed comes with a price.
    • 25. Compu Peri

      Peri gets a new pet, Pistachio the buppy. When Pistachio runs away, Peri is heartbroken. After visiting Compuhorse, Peri decides to not feel any emotions anymore, becoming "Compu Peri". His friends decide to try and snap him out of it.