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Zoe Valentine is streaming online on Youtube.

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With Anna Cathcart, Diego Velazquez, Wes Armstrong, Mace Coronel. a high school freshman whose older sister dies from cancer.
Zoe Valentine is a romance web-series starring Brighton Sharbino, Anna Cathcart, Mace Coronel and Diego Velazquez. Zoe Valentine is currently streaming at Youtube.

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The new semester brings new love, new friendships, and new questions that could change Zoe's world forever. Watch the official trailer for new season of Zoe Valentine #trailer
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  • 3/5
By Amish Gupta
Hits a lot of right notes

Like most of Brat's productions, this story of a high school freshamn Zoe (Anna Cathcart) is also aimed at young adults. Zoe is an introverted, keeping-it-to-herself kind of girl, who, her whole life, has been overshadowed by her sister's bright presence. However, after losing her sister to cancer, Zoe must rise to the challenge of stepping into her sister's shoes but at her own terms. Anna Cathcart manages to capture the ethos of the charter pretty accurately and the show explores her transformation from a reserved magic enthusiast to a brave, expressive

The drama is aptly underplayed with much requisite comic relief. Well-developed secondary characters, intriguing enough revelations...

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