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Zindagi Reset 2022

Zindagi Reset Creator : Adi Irani, Shiva Rindani

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Zindagi Reset is streaming online on MX Player.

Zindagi Reset Plot

ditya & Richa are a couple who are struggling in life. They try hard to make ends meet but challenges arise when Aditya is focused on pursuing his passion instead of a well paying job. The distance between them grows but will a cellphone be able to Reset the life between them? Yash, Kiara and Raima are a happy family, until they decide to get Raima a brand new cellphone. Their lives get intertwined with the dark side of the world wide web. Technology makes it easier for distances and differences to crop in between them.
Zindagi Reset is a drama, family web-series starring Adi Irani, Akshat Irani, Amit Pachori and Avya Gupta. It is created by Adi Irani. Zindagi Reset is currently streaming at MX Player.

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