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Zindabaad is streaming online on Youtube and VB on Web.

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Zindabaad is a political - action thriller, jointly produced by Vikram Bhatt’s VB on the web and Jio cinema. The show ups the scale of web originals in the fast filling up competitive space of Indian web originals. It is a show filmed on a massive scale to portray the conflicts of the Indian sub - continent. This show boasts a cast of popular actors Sanaya Irani, Sana Khan, Anirudh Dave, Pankaj Dheer and Vikram Bhatt himself.
Zindabaad is an action, thriller web-series starring Vikram Bhatt, Sanaya Irani, Benazir Khan and Irfan Sayed. It is created by Sidhant Sachdev. Zindabaad is currently streaming at Youtube and VB on Web.

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  • 3/5
By Dustbin

The series focuses on Vikram’s character. He is drunkard, who gets irritated at the drop of a hat. Near his home, is a school and every time the children make some noise, Vikram gets irritated. His irritation level is so much that all he wants is the school to get shut down. He even goes to the Education Minister to get the school shut. But he is turned down by the minister. As his irritation for the children increases, one day a mishap happens. The school children are killed in a bomb blast and this devastates Vikram. Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Sayed takes responsibility for the blast and Vikram vows to take revenge for the blast. He phones in a Pakistani show, where Hafiz is a guest and...

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