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Natasha Narang, is a surgical intern at a reputed hospital and a high end escort by night. One day, she wakes up to find Jayant Kalyan, Mumbai’s pharmaceutical baron, lying dead next to her. She runs from there but is arrested and framed for his murder. Akash Arya, who was once a famous defence lawyer but now a depressive recluse takes up Natasha’s case. The two Untouchables come together in this thriller, courtroom drama to save her from a death sentence.
Untouchables is a crime web-series starring Vikram Bhatt. It is created by Vikram Bhatt. Untouchables is currently streaming at VB on Web.

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'Untouchables' revolves around a medical student Natasha(Sreejita) who is an escort. She falls into a murder trap involving her wealthy client. Bhatt Senior, who plays a lawyer named Aakash Awasthi, comes to her rescue. The show is largely a courtroom drama, inspired by real-life events.

The story is set up for a gripping drama, with the required twists and turns. Natasha's fiancé will have a tough time when he comes to know of her nocturnal deeds. Her rep is already in tatters, as she is picked up by the cops from the hospital where she interns.

Sreejita shows sparks of brilliance right up front. We can feel her fear when she is running away from the five-star hotel crime scene. Wiping...

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