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RAJMA CHAWAL revolves around a father-son duo and deals with conflicts related to generation gap.
Rajma Chawal is a comedy, drama movie starring Rishi Kapoor , Anirudh Tanwar , Amyra Dastur and Nirmal Rishi. It is directed by Leena Yadav. Rajma Chawal is currently streaming at Netflix.

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Rajma chawal is a famous North Indian dish, highly loved by majority of the Indian population. Everyone loves to add their own taste, their own magic to the recipe just like this Netflix original. Based around the relationship of father and son, it focuses on the moving and passionate attempt of a father to rekindle his dying relationship with his son by catfishing him. One thing leads to another, and soon Mr. Mathur is caught up within his web of lies and is sucked deep within. Thus, entering the girl whose picture he was using to catfish his son. And this is where the movie goes downhill....

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