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Pimp 2020

Pimp Creator : Saleem Ghazi

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Pimp is streaming online on Primeflix.

Pimp Plot

Rajiv kept doing mediocre jobs in the company, to save the job he had to supply Girls to one or two clients, in the affair Rajiv was broken up from inside, he did not understand what was he doing. When he saw that there was no choice, he started working as a Pimp kicking that little job. One side, where the customer started seeking Rajiv other side Girls involved in this business wanted that Rajiv should bring them customers... All the girls thought that Rajiv brought them, good client, while the client felt Rajiv gave the good girls. In a span of some Rajiv became a big man and his business flourished, with his growth in he also became more greedy while he was a small man he never played the emotions of the girls but there came a time where Rajiv crossed all the limits. With all his inhuman behavior he never failed and one day god played his card and left Rajiv in no choice but to give up.
Pimp is a romance, adult web-series starring Tapasya Agnihotri, Gaurav Bajaj, Alysha Roy and Shalini Sahay. It is created by Saleem Ghazi. Pimp is currently streaming at Primeflix.

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Online video streaming platform shared the trailer of their upcoming romance-adult Pimp written by Saleem Ghazi. Pimp is a Hindi romance, adult and thriller web-series. The cast is stacked with Tapasya Agnihotri, Gaurav Bajaj, Alysha Roy and Shalini Sahay. Pimp is created by Saleem Ghazi. #trailer
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