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Photo-Prem 2021

07 May 2021

Photo-Prem Director : Gayatri Patil, Aditya Rathi

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Photo-Prem is streaming online on Prime Video.

Photo-Prem Plot

While attending a funeral, Maee, a typical housewife realises that in situations like these people often look for a photo of the deceased that can be put up in his/her remembrance. She realises that being the photophobic that she is, she doesn't have a good picture to be put up after her. This leads her to think that she might just be forgotten by the generations to come as without a picture they will not be able to relate to her. Worried she sets out on a quest to overcome her fear of the camera and get a good picture. But will she be able to get a picture that would define her? And will people be able to relate to it?

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