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Phas Gaye, Yaar! is streaming online on Youtube.

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Phas Gaye, Yaar! is a comedy, drama web-series . Phas Gaye, Yaar! is currently streaming at Youtube.

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  • 4/5
By Amish Gupta
Short, crisp and on point.

The show reflects on the lesser-known facts of a professional life. From miseries that Monday brings to hardhips of underappreciated doctors, Phas Gaye yaar presents it as it is, untainted. It bares the truth and hardly attempts to sugar coat it, but does employ humour to diffuse the grim and thought-provoking remarks about challenges of various professions, hidden deep beneath its a surface.

Every episode has a different theme, be it horrors of a desk job, an overworked doctor or undervalued and misunderstood lawyer, the show is quite inclusive in its coverage and considerate equally to every one of their sufferings. At no point, writers can be blamed of exaggeration under the name of...

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