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A powerful beast known as the Nine-Tails attacks Konoha, the hidden leaf village in the Land of Fire, one of the Five Great Shinobi Nations in the Ninja World. In response, the leader of Konoha at the time, the Fourth Hokage, seals the fox inside the body of the new born Naruto Uzumaki, making Naruto a host of the beast; During this process it cost the fourth Hokage his life, requiring the Third Hokage to return from retirement in order to become leader of Konoha again. As a child, Naruto is shunned by the Konoha community, who treat Naruto as if he were the Nine-Tails that attacked the village.

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  • 41. Heading Out
    08 Feb '07
  • 40. The Resurrected Ultimate Weapon
    01 Feb '07
  • 39. The Sealed Sand Water Tiger's Counterattack
    25 Jan '07
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  • 5/5
By Aditya Vikram
best of animated.

The best animated show for me. I started watching when i was a little kid and finally completed the entire show including Shippudin. It's about the village of Hidden leaf and the Hokage's son Naruto who has a nine tails beast inside him. The village hates him because he consumed his parents at time of birth and carries the beast inside him that can destroy the entire village when it is released. But as the boy grew up , he becomes the best ninja in the town and everyone started loving him and he achieved his dream of becoming the hokage of hidden leaf. Naruto is loved by all and now he is back with a new series called Boruto which is all about his child. #bestOfAction #mustWatch ...

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