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Diana feels her husband Ayan is a mismatch for her. While trying to explore and satiate her needs, will the couple end up in a "happily ever after" situation or not, is left for the viewers to find out.

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  • 2.5/5

Mismatch is a Bengali web series released in 2018. It is released by SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd. It is a comedy series based on partner swapping. It has a weird storyline and the plot is not at all relatable. It has some erotic and sexual scenes as well. The series fails to generate any humor. It focuses on love and finding true love. The series consists of two couples who are not happy with each other. So one of the partner from each couple decides to go for partner swapping and also force their partner to do so. In doing so some find true love, some realize their mistake. It can be watched...

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