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In a near-future world where an oppressive regime segregates society, one woman skirts the system to search for the daughter taken from her years ago.
Leila is a drama, sci-fi web-series starring Huma Qureshi, Rahul Khanna, Siddharth and Leysha Mange. It is created by Urmi Juvekar. Leila is currently streaming at Netflix.

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    14 Jun '19
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    14 Jun '19
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    14 Jun '19
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The adaptation of Prayaag Akbar’s novel of the same name has been directed by Deepa Mehta, Shanker Raman and Pawan Kumar. Leila is set in the late 2040s in an India that is now known as Aryavarta. The totalitarian nation-state is headed by Joshi (Sanjay Suri), a semi-divine figure who lords over the populace through holograms, photographs and statues.The lines that divide caste and religion have taken literal form. Each community has its own sector, which is separated from the others by tall walls. The emphasis is on purity, and intermingling between communities is penalised.

Transgressors are cut off from their families and sent to facilities where they are given uniforms and reschooled...

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