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Guru En Aalu 2009

a.k.a Guru En Aalu

Guru En Aalu Director : Selva

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Guru En Aalu is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Guru En Aalu Plot

Guru (Madhavan) wants to start a company of his own. He works for his boss Krishna (Abbas), who is a successful entrepreneur leading a happy married life. But the major problem for Krishna is his playboy nature. Guru hopes that his boss will help him set up a company so that he can also become a boss and make money. Therefore he does everything to please him.Krishna falls for a model Seema (Mamta Mohandoss). Interestingly Guru also romances Seema. But coming to know that his boss is behind the girl, he decides to give up his romance to attain his personal goals. He goes hammer and tongs ensuring that Seema gets close with Krishna. But after a sequence of events, he realises that he yearns and craves for Seema. Did he give up his love for making it big in life or go hammer and tongs to hold Seema’s hands forms the climax.

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