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It's been four years since Tanu and Manu's eventful wedding and they're already feeling the seven year itch. Settled in London, their relationship is now as cold as the London winter. While Tanu expected her husband to be as flamboyant and star-like as Shahrukh Khan, Manu wanted a docile and peaceful wife. While Manu was regretting his marriage, his old friend Pappi was excited about his. Tanu and Manu decide to give their marriage one last chance on their trip to India for Pappi's wedding. After reaching Kanpur, Tanu immediately transitions to her old self. Her new neighbour Chintu becomes her partner-in-crime and visiting old boyfriends and bike rides with him become a daily affair. Her actions had successfully managed to give Kanpur a taste of America. The situation worsens when Manu, now in Delhi, starts falling for a Delhi University student, Datto who looks exactly like Tanu. Things keep aggravating in both the cities as Raja Awasthi, Tanu's ex-fiancee re-enters her life. So what happens

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Budget : ₹39 cr
Box Office : ₹243 cr

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  • ghani bawri
  • move on
  • mat ja re
  • o sathi mere
  • ho gaya hai pyar
  • old school girl (haryanvi
  • banno
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  • 2.5/5

Tanu in the first movie seemed self-centered and selfish, and you think she's grown up a bit by the wedding at the end of the film. But then in the sequel, you see she is still just as selfish, but he's not been the best either in the four years that have passed between films. The opening scene is them arguing in a counselor's office, and where they take it next I won't spoiler because it was just so out there that it had me laughing out loud. There are many very funny moments in the sequel -- there's one line that I made the biggest sound in the theater -- Someone is commenting that the...

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