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Ghost Leela 2019

Ghost Leela Creator : Shahid Kazmi

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Ghost Leela is streaming online on Primeflix.

Ghost Leela Plot

This story is about a girl who loves a guy who actually doesn't exist. Suzanne's friend Arjun secretly likes her but she is in love with Leon who had died few years ago. And Margaret was going to kill her because he thinks that he will live longer if he sacrifices a human. Margaret wants to kill Suzanne. Will Suzanne be able to meet Leon? Will Arjun be able to save Suzanne?
Ghost Leela is a drama, thriller web-series starring Arjun Manhas, Ashwini Khairnar, Vinod Dixit and Mustaq Ali Abul Hasan Shah. It is created by Shahid Kazmi. Ghost Leela is currently streaming at Primeflix.

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