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Dil Dosi Daftar is streaming online on Youtube.

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Dil Dosi Daftar is web series where Three friends do too much fun in their office. And they struggling to become sales head by impressing her boss.
Dil Dosi Daftar is a comedy, drama web-series starring Shilpa Shukla, Abhay Mahajan, Manuj Sharma and Kabir Singh. Dil Dosi Daftar is currently streaming at Youtube.

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  • 3.5/5
By Dustbin

A peek in the lives of three corporate workers- Dheerendra, Rakesh, and Kabir and their 9-5 day at the office, highlighting how ‘men will be men’ when it comes to friendship, women, and working their job. The 8-episode, time-saving web series manages to cover a day in the corporate world perfectly, proving that when you have your concept perfected, time doesn’t stand as an obstacle. The first episode, totally dedicated to character introductions, sets up a clear outline for the series. Also, the time shown along with each episode title defines the setting and background for the story nicely. All in all, bonus points for outlining the plot, in a crystal clear manner.

Kabir, Abhay, and...

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