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Light Yagami is a 17-year-old ace student who is bored of school, life and the state of the world. One day, on his way home after school he fiends a black notebook with "Death Note" written on it. The first few sentences of the book state that everyone whose name is written into it is going to die through the power of a Shinigami. At first he discards it as a joke but later he realizes that it is the tool with which he can change the world to a place without crime or criminals. However, after the first criminals die, the authorities are forced to do something and send the legendary detective L to track down Light.

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Death Note, if not the best, then atleast, it is the most famous and popular anime in the world. Even non anime watchers have seen it and praise it to their heart's content. There are several reasons, and the most important one is the rivalry between the lead characters Kira and L. Both of them are shown, possessing the brains of Einstein and Newton combined. It takes just 2 episodes, and you will finish the series in less then 24 hours.

Although animes have a mastery in soundtracks, but background scores in death note far exceeds your average anime, one of the best, I have ever...

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