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Bavuttiyude Namathil 2012

a.k.a ബാവുട്ടിയുടെ നാമത്തിൽ

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Bavuttiyude Namathil portrays the life of people in Malabar area. Mammootty plays Bavutty, a chauffeur in a wealthy household. He is in fact much more than a driver; he solves several problems of the family. He is very much part of the family. For Sethu (played by Shankar Ramakrishnan), his employer, life is all about making money, but Bavutty is a simple man with small dreams. Kavya Madhavan plays Vanaja, Sethu's wife while Kaniha appears as Mariam, a house-maid. Rima Kallingal plays the role of Noorjahan, a tuition teacher. The story takes on a twist when Vanaja's ex-lover shows up.

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