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Thalapathi is a 1991 Indian Tamil language film directed by Mani Ratnam.Surya (Rajinikanth), the abandoned child of an 14 year old unwed mother Kalyani (Srividya), is brought up by a generous lady living in slums. He grows into a fearless kind-hearted ardent fighter to fight the injustice that takes place in the town. These qualities lead him to cross swords with the local don Devarajan (Mammooty). Devarajan's friend is beaten up terminally by Surya, and Deva threatens Surya saying that your life will soon end up in danger if my friend was laid to rest.Then soon as his friend...

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  • 4.5/5
  • A cult Tamil movie

Thalapathy is just #revolutionary #cult #inspiring #thoughtProvoking.

Though loosely based on Mahabharat, Thalapathy is a #mustWatch and has refreshing screenplay and racy plot-line.

Rajnikanth's perfomance is #emotional and #raw. The movie is a jewel among Mani Rathnam's collection.

A definitely cult cinema which is #offBeat and

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