• Season 2 streaming now!
      Air date: 17 Jun '22 7 episodes
      A female constable rises above her own expectations to find power in the most unexpected ways when she is sent on an undercover mission to bust an underworld gang.
      She season 2 has 7 episodes. It is a crime web-series starring Aaditi Pohankar, Vijay Varma and Vishwas Kini. It is created by Imtiaz Ali. Season 2 for She aired on 17 Jun '22 and available to watch online on streaming platform Netflix.
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • 1. The Test

      17 Jun '22
      Bhumi returns to Mumbai, recounts her time with Nayak to the unit and resumes her undercover activities. But Fernandez suspects she's hiding something.
    • 2. The Tightrope

      17 Jun '22
      After promising loyalty to Nayak, Bhumi builds her intimate connection with him while slipping messages about his trafficking operation to Fernandez.
    • 3. The Devil's Double

      17 Jun '22
      Now accessible by Nayak, Bhumi is exempt from her undercover act. Fernandez tracks carriers in Nayak's operation, but the kingpin is one step ahead.
    • 4. Samsara

      17 Jun '22
      Alam and Fernandez doubt their recent win when illicit activity in Mumbai rises. After visiting Nayak's hometown, Bhumi accepts a big but dangerous job.
    • 5. Karma Cola

      17 Jun '22
      Bhumi leads the new distribution network in Mumbai, but sees upsetting consequences. Fernandez questions Bhumi's conflicting reports about Nayak.
    • 6. Dark Seduction

      17 Jun '22
      Murmurs of an informant concern both Fernandez and Nayak. Bhumi feels the weight of her double life. The police try to decode a key date in Nayak's plan.
    • 7. The Switch

      17 Jun '22
      As a rueful Fernandez seeks answers about a crucial night, surprising details emerge about decisions Bhumi made with Nayak — and for herself.