• Season 1 streaming now!
      Air date: 20 Mar '20 7 episodes
      A female constable rises above her own expectations to find power in the most unexpected ways when she is sent on an undercover mission to bust an underworld gang.
      She season 1 has 7 episodes. It is a crime web-series starring Aaditi Pohankar, Vijay Varma and Vishwas Kini. It is created by Imtiaz Ali. Season 1 for She aired on 20 Mar '20 and available to watch online on streaming platform Netflix.
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • 1. The Pickup

      20 Mar '20
      Police officer Bhumi goes undercover as a prostitute to bust a drug cartel leader, but when the operation goes awry, she makes an unexpected discovery.
    • A visit from Bhumi’s estranged husband angers her rebellious sister. Sasya agrees to cooperate in a police interrogation — on one condition.
    • The team doubts Bhumi’s mettle after Sasya manages to rattle her. Fernandez pushes to keep her as an undercover agent in a plan to nab Sasya’s boss.
    • 4. Night Walk

      20 Mar '20
      After going to dangerous lengths to prove herself, Bhumi is recruited into Fernandez’s department, and begins to prepare for her risky new role.
    • 5. It's Time

      20 Mar '20
      Newly emboldened, Bhumi seduces an unlikely target. Ahead of Nayak’s arrival in Mumbai, Sasya attempts to gain police trust as an informant.
    • 6. The Promise

      20 Mar '20
      With Nayak now in Mumbai, Bhumi is moved to a hotel under police surveillance, but her first encounter with the kingpin takes the team by surprise.
    • In the wake of an unexpected complication, Fernandez doubts Sasya’s loyalty. Caught off guard by a suspicious Nayak, Bhumi drops her own bombshell.