Sesame Street : Season 50

    • Air date: 16 Nov '19 35 episodes
  • List of Episodes (35)

    1. Big Bird Across America

    • Big Bird wants to visit Cousin Bird in California, but he learns that it’s too far for him to walk! Nina suggests a cross-country road trip, so they can stop off to meet new friends along the way.

    2. The Great Sesame Street Cake Off

    • Cookie Monster and Gonger team up against Grover and Alan in a competition to see who can bake the best birthday cake for Nina. Elmo and Rosita help the two teams work together, combining one team’s cake and the other team’s frosting to make the ultimate birthday treat.

    3. Pigs for Another Day

    4. Getting Dressed

    5. Mick and the Good Fit

    6. It's Only a Game

    7. Grouch University

    8. A Recipe for Dance

    9. Humpty Dumpty's Football Dream

    10. Abby's Party Preparation

    11. Fruit

    12. Elmo's Good Luck Charm

    13. A New Friend On Sesame Street

    14. Let's Draw

    15. There's a New Count In Town

    16. You Can Do It, Elmo

    17. Magic Spell

    18. What Floats Rocco's Boat

    19. Comic Book Adventures

    20. Grover's Wild Animal Adventure

    21. The Fluffster Kerfuffle

    22. The Disappoint-O-Meter

    23. Zoe Breaks Her Arm

    24. Dog Day Engineers

    25. A Very Special Fiesta