Ronja the Robber's Daughter : Season 1

    • Air date: 11 Oct '14 26 episodes
  • List of Episodes (26)

    1. The Child of the Thunder Night

    • Two rival forest bandit clans, the Mattis and the Borkas, fight each other for treasure from their victims and divide the forest in two. On a stormy night Ronia is born to Mattis, leader of the bandits of the forest castle and his wife Lovis; on the same day the castle is split in two by a lightning bolt, creating "Hell's Gap." Mattis, ecstatic about his daughter, calls Ronia the clan's greatest treasure.

    2. Into the Forest for the First Time

    3. The Forest, Stars and Dwarfs

    4. A Whistle I Can Hear

    5. Enemy in the Castle

    6. Robber Stare Down

    7. Song in the Fog

    8. Fall Descends on the Forest

    9. The Unescapable Snow Hole

    10. An Oath Between Brothers

    11. A Thing Done in Secret

    12. A Whistle in the Basement

    13. Lousy Robbers

    14. In the Great Spring

    15. The Endless Dispute (Part 1)

    16. The Endless Dispute (Part 2)

    17. Moving Together

    18. What Lurks Within the Cave

    19. The Lost Knife

    20. With the Wild Horses

    21. The Roaring Waterfall and the Wild Harpies

    22. Our Summer

    23. Life is Precious

    24. Duel at Dawn

    25. One Strong Band of Robbers