Robin's Nest : Season 1

    • Air date: 11 Jan '77 7 episodes
  • List of Episodes (7)

    1. Sleeping Partners

    • When the local Chinese take away closes, Robin tries to convince Vicky's dad to invest in his new restaurant.

    2. The Bistro Kids

    • Robin and Vicky prepare for the opening of Robin's Nest, which includes a visit from an inspector and an early dinner guest.

    3. A Little Competition

    • Robin is less than thrilled with the new steak house opening next door, nor with its manager, an old friend of James' and an old flame of Vicky's.

    4. The Maternal Triangle

    • Robin meets Vicky's oddball mother for the first time. The second time is at a disasterous dinner at the bistro.

    5. Piggy in the Middle

    • James' new artist friend is quite a bit younger than he is, much to the dismay of Robin and Vicky.

    6. A Matter of Note

    • Robin is questioned by the police after depositing a counterfeit ten pound note.

    7. Oh Happy Day

    • Vicky finally agrees to marriage, but keeping the guest list small is a big task.