Ridiculousness : Season 11

    • Air date: 04 Aug '18 41 episodes
  • List of Episodes (41)

    1. Adam Rippon

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo are joined by Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon to swipe right on the animal dating app "Whiskr," let it all out in "Soul Scream," and keep the streets clean with "Face."

    2. Chanel & Sterling LIV

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo test their criminal skills in "The Con-Bine," get a little handsy with "Freaks in the Streets," and discover the weird underground culture of "Sub-Humans."

    3. Justina Valentine

    • "Wild 'N Out" star Justina Valentine joins Rob, Steelo and Chanel as they witness some "Secondhand Suck," check out some gym-goers who have a "Trial Membership" and try to avoid some "Water Drama."

    4. Chanel & Sterling LV

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo watch some "PG Porno," fill their tanks up with "Nightmare Fuel," and meet the superhero known as "The Drunk Night."

    5. MAX

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo welcome singer­-songwriter MAX and get "Afraid in the Dark," learn that true love is "Meant to Be," and make some bizarre fashion choices on "Laundry Day."

    6. Chanel and Sterling LVI

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo celebrate some randy older people in "The Horniest Generation," check out some kids who'd probably be "Better Off Orphans," and find out what it takes to give "The Extra 10 Percent."

    7. Cody Garbrandt

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo are joined by UFC Champ Cody Garbrandt to take a ride on the "Heckle Highway" and do some hard time with "Best Felons Forever."

    8. Chanel and Sterling LVII

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo take a trip to "Trap City" and learn about the genius of "Sack Artists."

    9. Chloe Kim

    • Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo as they check out some animals getting their mind blown in "Shook Pets" and parents who believe in practicing "Tough Love."

    10. Chanel and Sterling LVIII

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo watch some videos that are STRAIGHT FIRE, and get freaked out by pet lovers in MAN'S BEST FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.

    11. Jack & Jack

    • Jack and Jack join Rob, Chanel and Steelo to talk about committing "Filthy Fouls," the casual thievery known as "Mine Now," and strict moms known as "Mother Goons."

    12. Chanel and Sterling LIX

    • Rob warns Chanel and Sterling to keep out of the sky in "Fright and Flight," celebrate some truly "Great Grandmas," and try not to chug any "Stink Drinks."

    13. Jasmine Tookes

    • Jasmine Tookes joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to catch some "Fallen Angels," hit the gym to get "Instawole," and check out some new wardrobe ideas in "High Fashion."

    14. Chanel and Sterling LX

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo keep their game tight with some "Playground Playas," sport some killer "Dirt 'Staches," and ask the ultimate question: "Is It In?"

    15. Steve-O II

    • Steve-O stops by to meet the next generation of Jackasses, tune-in to some disastrous weddings and spot some incognito canines.

    16. Shanina Shaik

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo are joined by supermodel Shanina Shaik to see who gets "Cut From the Squad," get duped by some "Shame Artists," and drink like a vampire in "Drunkulas."

    17. Jermaine Dupri

    • Entertainment mogul Jermaine Dupri joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to discuss "The Price of Likes," meet some "Sleep Ninjas" and try to help some musicians who are "Unproducible."

    18. Michael Carbonaro

    • Michael Carbonaro joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo while they check out some mean old men in "Wrinkled Dicks" and find out how dogs feel about magic in "Old Dogs, New Tricks."

    19. Brendan Schaub

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo are joined by MMA fighter Brendan Schaub to clear their heads with a "Brain Cleanse," cheer on fight fans in "Fightnatics" and mine for some "Yellow Gold."

    20. Chanel and Sterling LXI

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo get irked at "The New Guy," try and hide out with some "Crappy Chameleons," and enter the terrifying world of "The Dark Web."

    21. Lewis Howes

    • Motivational guru Lewis Howes joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to talk about "The School of Wackness," motivators who are nothing more than "Halfway Howes," and the fear known as "Asnakenophobia."

    22. Chanel and Sterling LXII

    • Rob, Chanel and Steelo salute the troops in "Training Basics," discover a new sport called "Drunkour," and witness the majesty of "Hobo Wizards."

    23. Laurie Hernandez

    • Gymnastics champion Laurie Hernandez joins Rob, Chanel and Steelo to talk about her finely tuned "Slamdar," the difference between her and "Street Gymnasts," as well as some kids who are nothing but "Angst-Holes."

    24. Supreme Patty

    • Social media star Supreme Patty joins Rob to take a visit to the wild world of "Patty Country," experience airport insanity in "Aeromania," and learn the wrong way to treat one's eyeballs in "Patty Practice."

    25. Jimmy Uso and Naomi

    • The WWE's Jimmy Uso and Naomi learn sometimes "Pain Don't Hurt," try to keep up with the old and fast in "Silver Bullets," and prove that some things are "In the Blood."