YOU Review

  • 4.5/5
Will have you at the edge of your seat
[contains spoilers]

You know that feeling of eating sour candy and no matter how sour it gets some of us just can't stop bingeing on them. That's the same addictiveness that comes with this show "You." You'll be hooked onto it, no matter how many obvious pit falls are there in its plot. The main charecter who goes by the name Joe Goldberg who owns a bookstore has set the ultimate standard for the quote "I'd do anything for the person I love." He falls in love with an aspiring writer, Guinevere Beck who's life seems to revolve around trying to fit in her so called "tight knit" group of friends and meeting ends just to to be loved back, something she was deprived of growing up. Seems to be a match made in heaven. Well apparently not. They go through all the side effects of being in a relationship. The love making, the "I made your favourite for breakfast today", the clingy stage and ofcourse the "if we don't have trust we have nothing." Moving further into the show, Joe finds out Beck's been cheating on him something he had already faced with his ex Candace. That doesn't stop him from taking her back. Until Beck finds out the "limits" Joe has crossed for their relationship. What happens to Beck? I will leave that for y'all to find out. 

Season 2 opens up with Joe's so called ex girlfriend, Candace who was supposed to be dead, ends up alive on a wild goose chase to make Joe's life a living hell. This ends up having Joe to move from NY to LA where he changes his name to Will Bettelheim, an identity stolen from his prisioner. He swears to never fall in love. Eventually he meets a baker Love Quinn and her brother Forty, who's family apparently is drowning in money. Joe becomes a slave to the irony of her name. His Achilles Heel. But turns out Love Quinn is pretty much ready to cross boundaries to prove her love for Will. With the winding up of Season 2, Love and Joe are ready to start a new chapter of their lives. But that isn't the end to the show, Joe in the ending scene is seen holding on tight to his book "Crime and Punishment" while admiring a young attractive women who's face isn't revealed. His new target. 

One of the few things I didn't enjoy in this show is the personification of Joe's psychopathic behaviour. Which might tend to rub the younger generation in the wrong way. Making them believe Love is nothing without no blood shed and that their Prince Charming will have to be psychopathic.

As far as my opinion is concerned, if you're a fan of thriller romance that leaves traces of dark humor, is a bag full of engima this is your show. Also if you're an avid book reader and possess a keen interest towards authors from different decades, this show will bring back the nostalgia.

Season 3 airs next year (2021). I'll end this on a note  by quoting Love Quinn "We are all broken yet some pieces still manage to fit together." 

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