Venom Review

  • 3/5
We are PG-13

The silliness, abrupt editing, cheesiness, and cornyness aside, it was a Fun film. Unfortunately, the pursuit of going PG-13 is quite prominent which has ultimately ruined a could be ' a fine anti-hero' movie.

The only part that works for the film is the 'symbiote' relationship between Tom Hardy and Venom, otherwise rest characters are non-existent and uni-dimensional. Carlton Drake is a typical CEO archetype(Riz's second one in recent memory) and again suffers from cliched writing for a villain with misplaced motivation and confused tactics.

The painful part of the film are off-course the editing where abrupt scene switch happen with lots of inconsistencies. You don't even want to go there when it comes to discussing the cut-copy-paste job. Among other things, it is hard to explain curvy she-venom, presence of a rocket launch site in San Francisco city and Venom's change of heart!

The special effects is gooey and seems cheap while the action sequence are hard to follow in night where the symbiotes battle in predictable and unexciting sequences. However, the motorcycle chase sequence is fun.

It is not a bad film(far far better than Suicide Squad , the run time is pretty short and the screenplay pacy, so you you will enjoy the film for sure. Go for it without any emotional baggage.

PS: Don't wait for the second post credit scene, its an extended trailer of Spider-man animated movie

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