Rohon Nag
  • 2.5/5
Uneven and Underwhelming

I enjoy Luv Ranjan films.

I have seen most of his films in the cinema, except for Akaash Vani. A painful drag of a film in the name of romantic drama.

This is his second film I did not like. While not being as bad as the aforementioned Akaash Vani, this is a close second.

This film is about a breakup-artist Rohan Arora and the girl, Tinni he falls in love with. How their relationship occurs and fizzles out is the crux of the story.

The films tone is uneven at best. The opening scene is a zinger reminding one of Pyaar Ka Punchnama but way cooler. Then the whole romance angle happens and drags the film down. The song Tere Pyaar Mein lifts things up a bit again and then the first half end.

The second half elevates for a while before falling back down before the dragged-out climax.

There were times in the film I was cringing at the acting a dialogs, while other times thoroughly enjoying the humor. It felt like a Luv Ranjan films only in moments and those moments entertained me, but the rest of the film was quite disappointing.

Both the leads have worked hard on their looks by shedding weight and trying to look their career best but somehow this works against the film in making them feel very artificial and as a viewer I wasn’t able to connect to either of their viewpoints because they looked like vapid rich kids with overly toned abs (his) and perfectly flat stomach (hers).

The cinematography of the film is excellent, every shot looks big and lavish without going overboard and making sets look fake. The opening scene is especially well done.

But the story lets things down. Too much time is spent on the romance angle and not enough of it devoted to the break-up artist aspect.

The songs are good, but they alone cannot save this uneven messy film.

Rating : 5.5/10. Despite how good the songs and cinematography look on the big screen, this can be skipped for viewing on Netflix (with multiple breaks).