• 3.5/5

U Turn is a Kannada language supernatural suspense thriller written and directed by Pawan Kumar. Pawan Kumar blew me away with his amazing low budget Kannada film Lucia. Lucia had twist after twist and I never knew what was going to happen next. U turn starts upside down. Literally. We see the divider of a road, and the camera travels along it, but upside down as the opening credits roll. Then the camera does a u-turn and continue to travel the urban highway. Throughout the film there are "U's sprinkled around, both in the visual framing of shots, and horseshoe knockers on doors, etc. Shraddha Srinath, the star of the film, is introduced to us in a really clever way. Rachana (Srinath) is riding in a rickshaw with her mother, and through their arguing we learn that she's single, that her mother is pressuring her to marry, that her family is going away on a trip, and thus she will be alone. It's a really clever bit of writing. She draws the rickshaw driver into the argument, showing us a bit of her moxie and personality. Full review here: https://moviemavengal.com/2016/06/11/u-turn-shraddha-srinath-and-roger-narayan-shine-in-pawan-kumars-kannada-supernatural-thriller/

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