Kota Factory Review

  • 4/5

The black and white series is sure to take you down the path of memory lane, making you reminiscent of your days of IIT or Medical aspirants. It explores the travails of young IIT aspirants in Kota as they aspire to enroll themselves in IITs. It works as a gentle satire on the education system where coaching is more important than schools and wherein only that is focused which is going to appear in exams, regardless of an overall intention of learning. It also discusses Indian parents and their hopes for their children's future.

The journey of young 16-17 year old students is sure to remind you of your classroom stories. The series has a strong element of nostalgia. The leave-taking at the end is extremely emotional. The series is specifically relatable for the IIT-Medical aspirants and generally relatable for the students who have had coaching for at least once in their lives.

Though the series is largely good and greatly appreciated by students, it takes up a slow turn at certain places. The narrative becomes slightly slow at places.

Overall the series is great and a must watch for all the coaching students in the country.