Kota Factory Review

  • 4/5

"Kota...In the area of education this city has created an identity for itself nationally as well as internationally. And right from the start, Maheshwari classes has been carrying the banner of success on this path to victory."

These lines introduce the coaching centre in TVF's latest web series 'Kota Factory' in association with Unacademy before the camera zooms out of the TV screen and immediately we are introduced to a monochromatic life of the students studying in Maheshwari Classes. This tone acts as the external resonance of the student's internal haze. The viewers immediately get connected to the psyche of all the IIT-JEE aspirants and their inner turmoil.

Vaibhav(played by Mayur More) migrates from Itarsi to Kota to prepare for India's toughest college entrance exam. Unable to get into the desired Maheshwari Coaching Classes, he gets admitted into Prodigy-the 2nd best. Being a late entrant, 'studying' isn't the only hurdle he faces. However we are introduced to some beautiful characters who helps him get accustomed with the horrors of mess-food, insomnia and constipation.

The phenomenal writing of the series is helmed by writers Himanshu Chouhan, Saurabh Khanna, Abhishek Yadav and Sandeep Jain as they flawlessly pen down earthy and organic characters. Be it Vaibhav or his economically weak but extremely trustworthy friend Meena(played wonderfully by Ranjan Rai) or the black sheep of the family but extremely amusing Uday(played by Alam Khan), both of them stands beside Vaibhav through thick and thin. Be it their mutual loathing of the mess-food or helping Vaibhav with his question paper solving , the trio is a force to reckon. Apart from the protagonists, there are several supporting characters who makes us root for them equally. Be it Uday's straightforward girlfriend Shivangi(played by Ahsaas Channa) or the minimalist Varthika(played by Revathi Pillai) or the fickle-minded Meenal(played by Urvi Singh), all of them makes us relate to them through their stunning performance. However, the character of Jitendra Kumar, affectionately addressed as 'Jeetu Bhaiyya' steals the show. He is that approachable teacher who always help the students of Prodigy take decisions. With a plethora of earthy and grounded characters, Kota Factory portrays reality as it is instead of overdramatising anything.

The direction of Raghav Subbu is gratuitously combined with Jerin Paul's cinematography with ample amount of bird's eye view to show how the plenty of students are walking, as if they are rats running in the same race. The camera emotes polychromatically instead of a restricted colour tone. Gourav Gopal Jha'a editing, blended by Simran Hora and Karthik Rao's eargasmic music makes the show eventful.

All in all, creator Saurabh Khanna asks the viewer to blend in(without a 21 days time period) the journey into the lives of several IIT aspirants and celebrate friendship, love, dreams and most importantly- hope.