Kota Factory Review

  • 4.5/5
Watch it to rewatch and appreciate!

Love the usage of Black and White filter as a major part of the show. It signifies the colors JEE Aspirants see in their 2 year journey wherein they seek anything but 2 answers to any question outside their question bank. The show doesn't encounter a lot of big issues that the students face however, the ones they do are depicted beautifully. The first 3 episodes are more than enough to get anyone hooked to this web series as it manages to deal with the three biggest issues students face. Just when you think it goes off track with the 4th episode, they swing back with the 5th episode and that's what is lovely about this web series. It stays relevant till the very end. It does justice to the viewers it attracts out of word of mouth or maybe just simple nostalgia. This web series does justice to the hard working students who go through this entire process by having the world know where things were different between these innocent but dedicated kids and themselves irrespective of what field they themselves are involved in!