The Post Review

  • 3.5/5
Hanks delivers yet again!!!

The Post is a film directed by Steven Spielberg. I honestly didn't hear this film up until October. The trailer for this film intrigued me and I decided that I must give it a watch when available. After having watched the film, I can say that this is a decent film if not great or excellent.

Plot: Chronicles the publishing of The Pentagon Papers in the Washington Post newspaper in the early 70s.

Story and direction: Spielberg actually put this film into production while working on the film Ready Player One, due this March. He has been successful with his experimentation back in 93 when he handled productions of Schindler's List and Jurassic Park. Never during the whole runtime of this film the film felt rushed. But I do feel the writing was OK. The first half hour or so if this film didn't get me invested. But after that the film catches up and kept my interest going on. A film came back in 2015 called Spotlight which was somewhat of the same genre. So I kept going back to Spotlight for comparisons unintentionally which I consider a much superior film than The Post. Also some of the characterization for this film feels left off especially Kay Graham's character. On the technical front, John Williams produces a fantastic score as always. And it felt like we are living in the 70's era.

Performances: Meryl Streep was good with what she was given but she can do better. Tom Hanks was awesome. he seemed to be the captain of this ship. Bob Odenkirk was also great. Bruce Greenwood excelled in his performance. Matthew Rhys delivered an earnest performance too. Sarah Paulson, carrie Coon and Alliosn Brie were great additions to the cast.

I would say that I couldn't pinpoint on a particular scene and say that this was the scene of the film.

Verdict: Spielberg has definitely given better films than this. But I would say that you can give this film a watch. You will not feel your time to be watsed.

I am going with a 7.5/10.