• 4.5/5

I adored the absurd surreal film The Lobster. I missed it at Sundance, where it premiered in January. This is a love it or hate it kind of movie. I loved it, but some of the people walking out of my suburban theater HATED it. They really hated it. For me, it was just my cup of tea, and a welcome standout after a string of mediocre films I'veseen this past week. The film opens with a woman driving in the countryside in the rain. She stops her car, gets out and shoots a donkey in a field. Gets back in her car and drives away. It's never referred to again, but that sets the tone of how absurd this world is that Greek writer/director Yorges Lanthimos has created. We then first see David (Colin Farrell). His wife is breaking up their 12 year marriage for another man. And that means he has to leave immediately to be taken away to "The Hotel" to be paired up with another woman. Singles and loners are not allowed in this near future dystopian world. When David arrives at The Hotel (in County Kerry, Ireland), the manager (the always exceptional Olivia Colman) explains the rules to him. He has 45 days to find a new mate or he will be turned into an animal. He chooses a lobster, because they can live for 100 years and he's always liked the sea. "Excellent choice." He is warned that if he doesn"t find his true mate in time, he cannot couple after he is transformed if she picks another animal. "A wolf and a penguin could not couple because that would be absurd." Read the rest of my review here; https://moviemavengal.com/2016/06/12/i-loved-the-lobster-every-surreal-absurdist-minute-of-it/

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